On a quiet COVID Tuesday, I met a mate at the Prince of York for a catch-up, not the busiest of days but the sun was shining through the window onto our table and things felt calm in these strange times.

Grazing is good a here and the menu is well structured, highly affordable with a great deal of choice, look out for the Fusilli, vongole, nduja, samphire which was brilliant and the Spaghetti crab in a bag, spanner crab, chilli, garlic, tomato looked and tasted amazing. I would describe the cuisine as simple, delicious flavoursome Mediterranean food designed to share

A lively multi-level restaurant and bar across 3 levels. Drink, dine & disco in one as the day progresses. Inspired by 80’s-90’s Berlin, Prince of York takes you away to another place, in a time where hedonism and creativity were applauded. The atmosphere is best described as electric!!

I encourage you to give the Prince a try and would expect it will not be your last visit. Look out for them on the Halo Dining app, they will available to come your your house and cook you dinner very soon (halodining.com)