I went to this restaurant on the first day it opened and the second and have probably been there 40 times and love it.

It has been an evolution for Greenhouse who have stayed true to mandate of quality, comfortable surroundings and sophisticated service, all lead by  Craig Hemmings, an industry pro with an impeccable career history

Sadly the only issue over the past year or so is that the menu never changed, except for my 60th, where I managed to get the chef to present an amazing table-share menu, what a great day!

Since then and COVID, Greenhouse closed for an extended period, reopening with a new approach, new menu and a new chef.

Settling into a ripe, bold Viognier from Bobar we dined on crisp fresh Pacific oysters with mignonette, a very good Confit Tuna Nicoise and a Globe Artichoke, chickpeas, capers and butter lettuce salad,….. and shoestrings of course. Bold earthy flavours went brilliantly with the bright viognier.

The approach is a little different with the new version of Greenhouse, the Grill on the first floor has gone and will be converted into a wine bar style space serving small plates in the near future, currently, it is an extension of the ground floor which has transformed into a more of a 1 hat style space with an excellent wine list of traditional and new wines.

Pricing on both the wine list and menus is extremely reasonable with all wines below $100 and the menu capped at $35, an interesting strategy in these times, however, it’s proving to work as they are busier now than they have ever been.

We finish our lunch on a beautiful sunny afternoon with a glass of zesty Express Winemakers Chenin Blanc and wandered back down the beach. Greenhouse is always a favourite of ours and we highly recommend you try it