Modern operation inside Chicago Athletic Hotel offering seasonal house cocktails & a refined menu.

Cherry Circle Room is the reinvention of the iconic restaurant of the same name that has serviced the Chicago Athletic Association and its members for generations. The intimate, James Beard award-winning space (‘Outstanding Restaurant Design’) has been fully reimagined and restored by Land and Sea Dept., melding the building’s historic original features with modern design elements that root the experience firmly in the present

This is a classic hidden treasure deep inside the Chicago Athletic club, head to the 2 floor, go through the games room and find the small door which leads into this oasis of old world Chicago, we could just imagine what has gone on here of the gangster years and Al Capone times.
Beautifully restored to its original glory with a wine list to die for, the wine we wanted they had to go find for us under a set off stairs somewhere in the cellar.

The cuisine is contemporary with all the old world bistro staple you would expect we dined on Duck Terrine and French Onion Soup, it was a chilly day after and we had just spent the morning on a the red bush tour of the city, time to warm up!