Our visit to Bistro Molines in the Hunter Valley was an overcast and rainy day, and the drive from Spicers Retreat up the hill on a dirt road and in the mist was errie, to say the least. As we wound our way up the winding hill and turn off into Molines, I was taken back how many cars there were in the car park, this is a popular place

Robert Molines is well known in the Hunter Valley and originally had Roberts at Tower estate until a few years ago when the hotel changed hands. Molines is a french restaurant, not a city-style French establishment but a true country style French restaurant serving hearty, honest and flavoursome dish you would expect with a focus on local fresh.

Before I get to the cuisine, the ambience and location are outstanding, the fit-out is country chic which features antique pieces around each room and is split into various areas, a large deck with a panoramic view of the valley and manicured vineyards below. An area outside the open-ish kitchen where you will find Robert calling the pass and rear room and courtyard. The place feels comfortable and intimate.

I had the special on the day, scallop Pies,..delicious, followed by the quail salad, simple, perfectly cooked and seasoned. Features on the menu are the Baked figs with Gorgonzola, wrapped in Proscuitto, Pan-seared Market fish which on this occasion was Sta Pierre (tres franchise) and twice-cooked duck, red cabbage, spec and peas.

Molines is a destination restaurant and in my opinion, a must if you are going to stay in the Hunter for a break, book ahead as they fill fast. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as we did, Bon appetite 🇫🇷!!