Secret restaurant | Classic Italian cocktail bar and steak restaurant located beneath Sydney’s CBD
From Terry Duracks Review……

It’s about the rules. There are an awful lot of them built into this basement bar and restaurant inspired by the glories of bistecca alla fiorentina, a meaty T-bone traditionally from Tuscany’s chianina beef.

For instance, you can’t book a table for fewer than six at Bistecca by phone or online. You have to roll up in person after 4pm on the day you want to dine, and scribble your name on a scroll of paper on the wall.

That’s if you can find the place. The entrance is a deliberately anonymous doorway in a CBD backstreet, leading downstairs to a brown, wood-lined bar, overpopulated with small tables.

And you have to put you’re phone in a drawer in a cabernet at the entrance. And there is ony one dish….Steak with sides and is good too!!

Service is good, they cut you’re T-Bone to order on the weight you would like and ad you’re sides from a rather large list.

It’s worth a vist to the wine room too, lots of wines and lots of knowledge