Discover the gastronomical and cultural delights of some of the world's most exciting culinary destinations on a luxury small group tour with Tom and Edwina Rutherford. Tom personally designs and hosts each trip, planning the menus with each restaurant guests dine at to suit the mood and occasion. The holidays include accommodation in five-star hotels and villas, transport in luxurious Mercedes vehicles and behind-the-scenes experiences that you cannot get travelling independently, with exclusive access to interesting and inspiring locals in each destination. 

Upcoming trips in 2020 include the Napa Valley in California from May 18 to 25, Sitges in Spain from June 1 to 8 (sold out!), Austria from August 21 to 30 and Russia from September 18 to 27.

In 2021 he will also be hosting a trip to Argentina from February 12 to 21, as well as returning to the Napa Valley from May 7 to 16, Sitges from May 30 to June 7, Austria from August 20 to 29 and Russia from September 17 to 27.

For more information or to book email or call 0412 642 734.