Transform your event while saving money

important thing is to choose someone you trust and are confident has a deep knowledge that can help you achieve the best with food and beverage for your event. By having this watchful eye involved and on-board, you can have access to years of industry experience and advice “on tap”. A ...

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San Pellegrino to Riesling: The five must-haves of excellence in food and beverage management

The idea of turning water into wine is about transforming something good into something exceptional; it is about creating an experience of food and beverage in events and maximizing the bang for your buck. Recently I had the great pleasure to work on the launch of a hybrid product. It was a private...

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TOM'S TOP TEN for creating value for food and beverage in events

1. Productivity Event Producers are liberated from the complexity, time and internal costs of micro-managing food and beverages, so they can focus on producing the event 2. Integration Food and beverages are 'grafted on' or separate, but integral to the customer journey. Tom’s advice, conce...

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