1. Productivity

Event Producers are liberated from the complexity, time and internal costs of micro-managing food and beverages, so they can focus on producing the event

2. Integration

Food and beverages are 'grafted on' or separate, but integral to the customer journey. Tom’s advice, concept creation and information are complementary; he wants to ensure we create a seamless experience

3. Transparency

Tom provides detailed costing models revealing where the money is spent, overseeing beverage consumption, crew catering and provides a summary of the budgeted outcome and actual outcome post event

4. Uniqueness

You and your clients deserve unique food and beverage experiences and not the standard packages being sold by the venues for their advantage; Tom makes that happen

5. Experience

Tom brings 40 years of food and beverage experience, and there is nothing he hasn’t done in this world. Tom doesn’t bring history, he brings practical insight that benefit your event.

6. Network

Tom’s expansive network is your asset and point of difference; He brings personal introductions to the venues, chefs and F&B managers and finds easier more beneficial paths and consequently outcomes for all

7. Pre-production

Tom coaches and develops a delivery system and menu and in some cases call the pass in the kitchens and food and beverage aspects of the events I create. This ensures that events go to plan and exceed expectations

8. Menu-forensics

Tom dissects the menus and reconstruct them to suit the client, the event and the budget

9. Profitability

Tom almost always return a surplus on the budget as a consequence by 'buying smart'. When there are minimum spends I use the budget to it optimum capacity. Achieving maximum value for your budget is his objective

10. Value

Tom uses the budget to its fullest and buy far more than venues offer for the same money, returning an ROI far great than the budget if bought by someone less experienced.

Your event food and beverage budget is not a plate of canapés to be gobbled-up by venues or caterers who want a one-size-fits-all approach. Tom believes equipped with the right intel you are able to maximise value from the resource. You are unique, and your client proposal is unique. It deserves the attention and management that he can provide to deliver a superior outcome and unmatched value.