Business Budgeter

Business Budgeter is an all-in-one business management tool for hospitality managers who are serious about the financial future of their business.

Developed by Tom Rutherford the Business Budgeter is a forward planning financial management tool that works to deliver a positive financial outcome for your hospitality business.

The application educates its users on how to be a positive cash flow business and understand how your business can begin to improve cash flow and profitability - immediately.

Plug in your business information and the application will create a plan to make a profit and help you manage costs across the different shifts of your operation delivering a desired financial result.

The Business Budgeter features don’t stop there, the tool considers every aspect of hospitality business management, including:

  • Tip management and distribution
  • Delivery of shift reports
  • including per head spend on food
  • Tracking of business turn over and cost by shift, day, week and more
  • Tracking of multiple income centres within the one tool to show overall expected annual profitability
  • Balancing staff requirements and cost with expected customer satisfaction levels
  • Adjusting rosters, turnovers and cost to improve the expected outcome
  • Monitoring daily actual profit

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Event Artists

Manage your event catering needs in one place with Event Artist, a complete catering specific event management tool. Manage every catering detail from your menu, recipes and equipment hire, through to your catering profit and loss reports, plus much more.

Event Artist is a browser based management system, so can be used anytime and anywhere – so you can have the support you need on the go!

With Event Artist, know all your catering needs are managed within one app:

  • Client management
  • Client contact management
  • Profit forecast at the point of sale
  • Menu management
  • Recipe and shopping list management
  • Beverage event predictions
  • Rosters and staff job costings over multiple events and days
  • Venue guide
  • Venue management
  • Payments, deposits and statements
  • Event quotations and details
  • Profit and loss by event
  • Operational reports (including: Hired goods, staff, beverage orders, deliveries and pickups)
  • Ingredient reports
  • Event reports
  • Event schedules and calendars
  • Invoicing
  • Stocktake
  • Lists and tags
  • Return stock

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