Visy Pulp & Paper in Tumut, NSW

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Grand Opening of the Phase 3 White Liner Facility at Visy Pulp & Paper in Tumut, NSW

How do you impress the Prime Minister and local dignitaries, as well as 200 mill staff just 2 hours later, in a tented marque at a paper mill miles from anywhere?

This was the challenge thrown to Tom for the opening of the White Liner Facility at Visy Pulp & Paper in Tumut, central NSW.

The answer, of course, is meticulous planning, as in addition to dignitaries such as the prime Minister of Australia, the US Ambassador, and local dignitaries and politicians, he also had to accommodate dietaries from vegetarian, to gluten-free and pork-free options.

Creating menus that took advantage of the excellent local produce, such as Roast Mirror Creek lamb rack and baked Murray River Cod, and crafting refreshing and interesting soft drinks such as Elderflower and fresh mint spritzer, Tom devised an a la carte Prime Minister’s Luncheon and a Staff Barbeque Buffet.

The PM was treated to vol au vents with truffled mushrooms, warm smoked beef, and Kurobuta pork shoulder even before guest were seated for lunch. Just two hours later, the staff sat down to Portuguese peri peri chicken, herbed sausages and Riverina smoked brisket of beef.

All the produce was sourced locally and delivered to site just in time to ensure freshness, and logistically, every last item required from convection oven to salt cellar was planned for, and delivered on site, used as required and taken away again.

As well as sourcing locally, in order to optimise the economics of the event, Tom took just 8 F&B professionals and sourced and trained 30 staff from the local towns on site to serve to 150 lunch guests and 200 staff, making this very local-centric supporting the region though produce and people.