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Three events, across three different continents – Tom Rutherford worked with event producers, George P Johnson to create a culinary extravaganza to celebrate the launch of VISA’s new banking software.

Tom Rutherford commandeered the food and beverage budget for all three events to maximise value and create a unique molecular gastronomy experience at each event. Tom contracted some of the world’s leading Chefs including Emmanuel Stroobant at his flagship restaurant, Saint Pierre in Singapore; Raymond Capaldi in Melbourne and the in-house team at the Sofitel in Mumbai to reimagine how food is delivered at corporate events through applying the scientific principles to the food preparation.

Across the event, the dinner and lunch menus were inspired by science, as prawns were cooked with liquid nitrogen and melon spheres absorbed Cointreau for a delectable treat.

Overall, Tom Rutherford allowed for the food and beverage budget to be maximised across all three events to deliver a consistent world-class experience to attendees, while delivering a strong return on investment for the client.