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To inspire the new direction for Sydney’s five-bay area, Urban Growth NSW engaged 80 global town planning experts and 300 local residents’ locals over a three-day period to engage in forums and open house consultations. Tom, alongside event producers Jack Morton Worldwide, maximised the food and beverage budget to recreate the gastronomic magic of the local community within the warehouse style venue.

The façade of the iconic White Bay Hotel was replicated and combined with a tailored a la carte menu to create the lively pub atmosphere that is synonymous with Sydney’s inner West, meanwhile on an ice and sashimi bar, Tom incorporated a celebration of the local fish markets and fishing history, and a market stall shared the ‘old town’ and ‘inner city’ vibe of the area.

Managing everything from idea conception, procurement, theming and delivery, Tom ensured the event’s food and beverage created a world-class immersive experience that excited all attendees to share their vision for the future.