The Langham Sydney

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In the life of any food and beverage establishment, there comes a time to review and refresh the brand. The Langham Sydney engaged Tom, almost to re-invent themselves as a dining location.

They took the opportunity not just top refresh the menus, but their whole business model: they wanted a meaningful Business Plan for the next 1-3 years, based on solid Market Research of similar and desirable competitors. Each department needed a financial model with profitability and budget forecasts, and an HR solution.

After performing the competitor analysis and developing the overall Business Plan, Tom worked with the Chef Dave to develop a comprehensive and costed menu compendium across the business.

He also worked with the beverage consultant to develop a suitable beverage compendium and beverage offering for both Restaurant and Events. Tom worked with Hervé to develop a front of House Service Plan and Methodology including specifying the various full-time positions with meaningful job descriptions, out lining both entitlements and obligations, and developed a training program for Key personnel.

Finally, Tom assisted in the development of a new brand for the current Kent Street Kitchen On an on-going basis, Tom supports management on Food and Beverage related issues of the Langham Sydney.

“The Langham, Sydney, the leading luxury five star hotel in Sydney had a restaurant and bar which were not operating at optimum financial capacity. As General Manager of the hotel I appointed Tom to project manage the overhaul of the 150 seat restaurant and the 60 seat bar. Tom delivered market strategy, concept and branding and a detailed and impressive business plan.

“The financial templates and models behind Tom’s creative plans were articulate, detailed yet simply for the daily operations to be successful. His attention to detail, creative thought, ability to work across all levels of the business, financial prowess and genuine passion were the core success factors to his F&B plan. “Moving forward with 5 star hotel openings I would continue to use Tom as an experienced, creative and financially savvy consultant.” - Sonia Lefevre CEO, Lustro Hotel Group.