Encasa Restaurant

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Encasa had two distinct and very popular food businesses: the Encasa Restaurant, which served three sittings each service of authentic Spanish food daily, and their successful Deli.

Though the Restaurant was popular and supported the Encasa brand, its profitably was marginal. The Deli was seen as the most successful component - the core business – which could be expanded by opening more outlets.

Tom’s assistance was to be focussed on developing the Deli business – but it was clear to Tom that there was a real ‘Quick Win’ to be had by deploying his ‘Business Budgeter’ to improve the profitability of the Restaurant. ‘Business Budgeter’ is a real-time model which accurately predicts profitability based on the known factors of: Turnover, F&B split, Cost of Goods and Costed Roster. By optimising the factors of the business, the Restaurant was able to improve profitably significantly within just two weeks to this day across the entire business.

Tom then concluded the business modelling of the Deli business: the Market Research, the Business Plan and the underlying financial plan, to ensure the Deli business was running optimally from a financial perspective.

Encasa continues to go from strength to strength having opened both a new Restaurant and new Deli in different suburbs of Sydney.