150 Year Anniversary: Major International Corporation

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The Event: a celebration for a major international organisation took place across four consecutive nights, with 500 guests attending each night.

The Brief: a menu and experience worthy of three Michelin stars with a Chinese theme – for 500 guests over four consecutive nights.

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is an excellent venue with a fantastic team, but not normally asked to deliver a 3-Michelin equivalent star meal. Guests were given a choice of three main courses, orders were taken, dietaries noted and meals delivered accurately and timely. Working directly with the Convention Centre’s executive chef and his culinary team, Tom developed a menu and recipes, worked inside the Exhibition Centre team to develop and perfect each dish and coached them to create a better client experience than they had ever created before.

Having perfected the menu, Tom then created a 80+ page document outlining the front of house service procedure and methodology with detailed descriptions for everyone’s role, everything from uniform, how to take an order methodically and how and when to serve. A three-hour dress rehearsal was staged, taking 150 casual staff through their paces to ensure the system and delivery processes would be delivered seamlessly. Each hand selected server were put into teams who carried specific client ordered meals out to tables with detailed instructions on what to serve, to whom.

The event delivery and client experience was better than hosts or guests had ever expected or could have imagined. The culinary team created something they didn’t realise they were capable of – better than the Exhibition Centre had ever created before.

And the venue was left with a legacy: a 80+ page manual on how to create the same or similar event, all over again.