Event audiences demand more from their food and beverage experiences today than ever before. Food and beverage plays a starring role in the creation of an overall event experience and in the lasting impression a brand makes on its guests. Tom has single-handedly turned on its head the way food and beverage for events is designed, purchased and delivered and can apply his winning formula anywhere in the world. Tom is not a caterer; he uses his 40+ years’ experience as a chef, producer, business person and creator to work with event producers to buy on their behalf food and beverage experiences for their events.

Tom’s holistic approach commences with the event at its core and then designs a total culinary experience to match.

He can look at everything from writing the menu, instructing chefs, creating memorable menu delivery concepts, designing those special wow moments all the way through to determining what the food is served on, the source of the ingredients and the wine list and tasting notes.

Tom shares his knowledge and talks the language of the caterers and venues to ensure they deliver on the event’s food and beverage vision. He does this by working closely with the catering and venue teams, inspiring and coaching them to supply their product differently for the best outcome for everyone.

Tom packs his events with exceptional value, enhancing the food and beverage experience to ensure your event audiences get an experience beyond their wildest expectations and you receive exceptional return on investment.

An event with Tom onboard has an element of theatre and surprised delight for the guests.

If you need to ‘wow’ your guests, Tom Rutherford is the man for culinary creativity, resourceful use of budget and impressed guests.

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