Tom is the world’s most unique caterer able to deliver catered events in any venue, anywhere, from 3-Star Michelin to Grab-n-Go food, for two to too many guests.

His broad experience from the convention centres of Hong Kong, through Sydney’s best establishments, to the Australian Outback, Tom has createred unique events to wow his clients’ guests with exceptional catered experiences.

Tom works with his clients to understand how they want their guests to feel, then creates concepts, plans and manages the end-to-end execution of the food and beverage service to deliver on clients’ expectations. Tom has delivered catered events at home and overseas, in event and conference centres, hotels and corporate premises and outdoors in unique settings.

Examples include:

  • A celebration for a major international organisation at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre across four consecutive nights, with 500 guests attending each night.
  • Biannual Toyota Dealer Conferences: creating spectacular celebrations at each touch point, from à la carte dinner menus to bespoke delights.
  • For Urban Growth NSW’s three day community consultation event with 80 town planning experts and 300 local residents, Tom maximised the food and beverage budget to recreate the gastronomic magic of the local community within the warehouse style venue.

With his wealth of knowledge about the business of food, Tom not only delights clients with the outcome of their events, but also manages tightly to budget to ensure the commercial success of any catered event, often more than paying for his own fees in the process.

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However successful an F&B business, there comes a time when it needs to be refreshed, rejuvenated, even re-invented.

This is the time to engage a Createrer – to help you conceive new F&B ideas, develop your commercial and operational business to deliver them and successfully realise your vision for a new F&B solution.

Analysis: starting with a deep and thorough analysis of your local market, your target demographic and current style of cuisine, we analyse all aspects of your current food and beverage service: the food, beverages, and menu structures – pricing and how they are sold to clientele; the dining environment – its ambience and aesthetic, and its supporting back of house operations.

We include a financial analysis of your business: budgets, cash flow and profitability.

Createring: we envision new food and beverage solutions which better appeal to your target demographic and their price point. We create executable Blueprints for the front and back of house of everything from recipes to beverages, staffing hierarchies to floor plans, sales and marketing plans to budgets and P&L statements.

Mentoring: acting as your mentor, we assist you to implement the Blueprints to turn vision into reality.

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